Only less than 30% firms will block social networking sites by 2014

Although many global corporate houses and Indian companies have placed checks to prevent employees from logging into social networking sites, the number of organisations effecting such restriction is rapidly declining, a recent study conducted by global technology research company Gartner has found.

According to data from Gartner study less than 30% of big organisations will block employee access to social media sites by 2014 against
50% in 2010.

Highlights of Gartner study..!

# The number of organisations blocking access to all social media is dropping by around 10% a year.

# In addition to security threats, reduced productivity has often been held responsible for the introduction of restrictions on sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn during work hours.

# The increased use of personal devices has made it difficult for organisations to monitor social networking habits of employees.

# Certain departments & processes, such as marketing, require access to external social media, and employees can circumvent blocks by using devices such as smart phones.

# There is an element of risk attached to freeing up social networking usage in office, there is an upside too.

# Social media environments include mechanisms to collect, process, share & store a more complete range of identity data than do corporate identity & access management systems.


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