Tamilnadu: New Guideline value implemented on February, 2012 ?

The Registration Department of Tamilnadu has launched the process of  implementing new guideline values. The last revision was in 2007 and the current revision will realign the rates in line with the prevailing market prices. This exercise will help increase the revenue from this levy.

After, the draft of the guideline value is placed for public viewing has been modified.
Then final guideline draft has now send for  Tamilnadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha's approval . If she sign, it will be effective immediately.

 Tamil Nadu Registrations Department sources (Some unnamed officials) saying,'' Chief Minister's desk awaiting Ms. Jayalalitha's  signature. If she signed quickly, 1st February (2012) will be effective. If such a late date, it will be March, 2012 to ensure effective"

Government of Tamil Nadu, after 2007 guidelines value did not increase since it increases the current value is approximately two-fold.
Thus, the the black money transfer in property resistor greatly reduced. At the same time, the amount will be spent by public significantly increasing

In Tamilnadu, the stamp duty of  6%, surcharge of  2% and registration fee of  1% are set for real estate property registration. 

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