Investment return compared

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When we looking at the case, anyone will go for selling anything to buy that kind of property.

But his case is different. He built all his wealth from investing. He is a well informed investor.

*Below is what he told in an interview:*
*Anuj Puri:* What can possibly go wrong in Indian real estate?

*Rakesh Jhunjhunwala:*
A recession in the Indian economy. It is essentially linked to urbanisation and growth of the economy.

Everybody wants to have a house. I bought a house in 2005 by selling shares of CRISIL. That house is worth Rs 45 crore and I bought it for Rs 27 crore. If I had not sold my shares of CRISIL, I would have Rs 1,000 crore additional investment. """

Also, we are not Rakesh to make 40% return every year, but I have given the data if the same amount invested in NIFTY or a Small Cap Fund. 

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