Investment decision Let's play a Poll!

Let's play a Poll!

Today, I come across a question! I want to know your opinion on same. Please help.

*Is it not a good decision to invest in house property than investing in MF or Shares?*

Suddenly I remember a case that I read a long time back.

One of the known investor wanted to buy a house in Mumbai. So he decided to sell some of his shares and bought a lavish house in Mumbai's prime location for *Rs. 27 Crores in 2005*.

Later, he decided to sell in *2015 and sold for Rs. 65 crores*.

He made about *Rs. 38 Crores profit in 10 Years*.
+ (Plus)
Pride of owning a luxury house in a prime location.

What do you think of his decision?
Has he made the right decision?
Or, a wrong decision?

Give your poll on Whatsapp. What you think?

1. *He made right decision*

2. *No, he made a wrong decision*

3. *No comments*


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