Investment COMPOUNDING IS 8th Wonder


*The 15-15-15 rule in #Investing #MutualFunds means*

If you invest Rs.15000/- per month for 15 Years and get 15% returns (The effective Rate will be a bit higher)... 

You will have Rs.1 Cr at the end of 180 months (15 Yrs) 

*"Meaning you will accumulate 1 Cr in 180 months*

*If you continue your 15k SIP* you will have Rs.2 Cr after *231*months, meaning 1st One Crore in 180 months and 2nd One Crore in just 51 months...

*The 3rd Crore will get added in 31 months*

The 4th will get added in mere 22 months

*The 5th Crore will come in a flash, just 18 months* 

*This is called the power of compounding!*

 for mutual fund sip  and NFO 8667004439

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