Personal Finance Free Webinar on “Discover – How to Use SIP Effectively?” 02.12.2023, Saturday

A Holistic Investment Initiative!

We invite you to a Personal Finance Webinar on "Discover – How to Use SIP Effectively?"

Guest Speaker: Mr. K. Ramalingam- Chief Financial Planner –

Date: 02.12.2023, Saturday

Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM (IST)

Medium: Zoom


How will this webinar benefit you?

  1. Is SIP Profitable?
  2. How to Invest In SIP Without Incurring Loss?
  3. When should you start SIP investment?
  4. When should you stop SIP investment?
  5. Daily/weekly/Monthly - Which is the most profitable SIP?
  6. Best date to start your SIP Investment.
  7. Car EMI vs SIP.
  8. Unnecessary Expenses vs SIP.
  9. Mantra to Close Home Loan Quickly through SIP.
  10. SIP investment in different Asset Classes: Equity, Debt, and Gold.
  11. How to avoid common mistakes while investing in SIP.

This webinar aims to simplify all complexities that you face or might face in your SIP Investment Journey.

This webinar also enlighten you on the various benefits and purposes of doing an SIP Investment. By this, you will be able to surpass all the potential barriers in the SIP Investment Journey.


Mr. Ramalingam Kalirajan, MBA, CFP

Director and Chief Financial Planner,

Phone: 044-42030722 & 044-24313227

WhatsApp Enquiries : 7695838138

"Best Performing Financial Advisor Award 2012" Winners from CNBC TV18


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