Invest Rs. 1 Lakh and get Rs. 25,000 monthly interest :: Warning!!

Invest 1 Lakh and get Rs. 25,000 monthly interest :: Warning!!

Last few months, I keep getting calls from my clients and friends to advise on the scheme where you just have to invest 1 lakh as capital and you can recover the capital in 4 months and get unlimited interest payout after that. 

First of all, Which business gives you this kind of superlative return?

While enquiring about the business I got few business model they discussed on!

1. They invest in Equity Call options and make superlative performance every month.

2. They lend to a US company which inturn invest in their country companies to make such profits.

3. They invest in a shipping wreckage company and make huge profits.

4. They buy agriculture land and convert to plots and make huge profits.

5. They lend to Srilankan companies which are in need of money and pay high interest.

There are many such models they tell to investors to convince. 

A call landed to my dad few days back saying they invest in US. A call landed to my wife mentioning the shipping business.

Even if you understand the scam and want to stay away from bogus, they show you proof of their bank statement to convince you. *I know people fell in traps after seeing such bogus bank statements and lost their money

Unfortunately, there are many known investment advisors fell in trap and also pull in their investor to the trap. 

Kindly beware!

Those who convince you for superlative performance from your capital are also going to lose their capital. Dont give them money!

Hassan Ali

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