SIPTIGER MF Factsheet.

We are excited to release the new version of our Mutual Fund Factsheet with the following new features -

*Rolling Returns Chart* - Rolling performance has gained great prominence in recent years.

*Discrete Returns Chart* - This chart displays the weekly, monthly and quarterly point to point returns.

*Benchmark Indices in charts* - Now add Nifty indices in Trailing Returns chart and compare scheme performance. 

*Factsheet PDF download button* - Now you can download PDF of the factsheet.

*Returns Calculator* - The calculator provides the return if invested in the fund in the last 1,3 and 5 years.

*Category Rank Metrics* - The fund is provided with a category rank - 1yr return, Asset size, 1Yr risk and Down Probability.

We hope with this release, you make the most out of SIPTIGER MF Factsheet.

We have lots of exciting stuff lined up for upcoming releases so stay tuned.!!


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