why Income Tax is levied on pension

All retiree members please initiate a movement - every retired person after rendering 30 to 36 years of service to the Govt or the Department where he worked and for all his services the Dept. pay him/her salary which is of course treated as income and is liable for income tax. 

But after retirement he/she is paid pension as a supper anuation fund for his livelihood on account of serving for so many years. 

Here a question arise as to whether why Income Tax is levied on pension. This is not an income for any services or work.

This is only a defered wage by the Dept. to the employee who have served the Dept. for so many years. 

Then why Income tax. Raise your voice and let it reach the Govt to discontinue the levy of Income tax on pension.

If MPs & MLAs pension is not taxable why our pension is Taxed?. 


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