CFGP - Chartered Financial Goal Planner..!

CFGP stands for Chartered Financial Goal Planner. 

This is level one of a three level program which we have signed up with the American Academy of Financial Management. Level one is called CFGP, level two will be Associate Wealth Manager and level three will be the Chartered Wealth Manager.

Goal based investing is clearly the best solution for retail investors. There are however too few CFPs in the country who are qualified to offer this solution. While CFPs offer a comprehensive financial planning solution.

CFGP program level one is a one day, 8 hour intensive workshop, with a comprehensive curriculum that covers basics of goal planning, helps participants become familiar with creating plans using our tools and apps, and takes them through practical case studies which they have to successfully complete, in order to become a Chartered Financial Goal Planner. Participants are taught how to make simple one page financial plans, which they can practically implement straight away, using an app that we have created for them, for this purpose. 

Mobile apps are convenient as they can sit in front of their clients, use the app and create the plan in a simple and straight forward manner. When IFAs are certified as CFGP after receiving the necessary training and have access to a convenient mobile app, we believe it will encourage more and more IFAs to adopt goal based sales approach in client engagement, which as we know is the best way forward.

The certification coming from AAFM also gives IFAs more credibility in terms of professional certification, in the eyes of prospective clients, and can help them position themselves far better.
This one day program and CFGP certification typically costs Rs.12,000. 

The certificate will be valid for 2 years. The learning does not stop at the end of the 1 day workshop. They have created a case study bank of 12 practical case studies, which we will send out 1 per month to all CFGPs.

American Academy of Financial Management India
Office No – 403, ITL Twin Towers, Plot No. B-9,
Netaji Subhash Place,
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